Tiled conservatory roofs Bicester

Tiled Conservatory Roofs, Bicester

Tiled conservatory roofs from ARA Windows and Doors are a fantastic investment for those in Bicester and Oxfordshire, as well as across Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Buckingham, Banbury and Brackley. Get a bespoke tiled conservatory roof price today.

Key Features

Acoustic Insulation

You’ll be unable to hear the sound of the rain falling on your roof with our tiled conservatory roofs! Our roofs minimise external sounds, including traffic and noisy neighbours.

Thermally Efficient

Tiled conservatory roofs achieve impressively low U-values. These roofing systems are one of the most thermally efficient, allowing you to enjoy your extension all year round.

Low Maintenance

Tiled conservatory roofs need virtually no maintenance to stay looking as good as the day we install them. These tiled roofs can easily last for several decades.



The tiled conservatory roofs we supply and install are suitable for use on conservatories of any style. No matter your style of conservatory or home, our tiled conservatory roofs can be installed. We even fit these roofs on bespoke variations.



Tiled conservatory roofs are designed to trap the heat inside the conservatory during the cold winter months. The insulated plasterboard, breathable membrane and thermally broken profiles will help your home stay insulated all year round.


UV Protection

The risk of your furniture fading from extensive exposure to the sun is minimised when choosing our tiled conservatory roofs. These roofing systems limit the amount of UV rays that can make their way inside your conservatory.


Enhanced Durability

Our tiled conservatory roofs come with robust and sturdy panels. They are made from durable highly rigid materials, which ensures that your conservatory is as safe as the rest of your home. Enjoy a long lasting investment for your home.


Replacement Roofs

Our tiled conservatory roofs are not just for new extensions. They can be retrofitted onto any existing conservatory or orangery. Enjoy a modern and attractive roof that offers superior levels of security and thermal efficiency.


Low U-Values

With incredibly low U-values at just 0.18 W/m2K, the conservatory will stay comfortable no matter how bad the weather is outside. The roofs can be integrated with double glazed panels, which work to keep the internal temperature comfortable all year round.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs, Bicester & Oxfordshire

Tiled Conservatory Roofs, Bicester and Oxfordshire

Tiled conservatory roofs are a fantastic roofing option for homeowners in the Bicester and Oxfordshire area. They are a popular investment as they offer a range of practical benefits, including security, insulation, and thermal efficiency.

Our tiled conservatory roofs are completely weatherproof. Whether you are installing this roofing system on a new conservatory or replacing an existing roof, it will benefit from total protection against the elements.

With three layers of high performance rigid insulation board, this roof is a thermally insulating structure. The structure is formed of internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane. With precision engineering, our tiled roofs will retain heat for much longer than outdated conservatory roofs.

Use our online quoting engine to get a price on our tiled conservatory roofs. You can also use our contact form to speak to our team. They will happily answer any queries you may have.

You have the option of adding internal and external lighting to your conservatory. We fit the lights to the ridge of the roof or install them into a new lighting pelmet. This is ideal if you are concerned that our tiled roofs will lower the brightness of your home.

All our tiled conservatory roofs are made to measure so you have total control over their finish. You can match our tiled conservatory roofs to your home’s existing architecture and roofline. Choose from a versatile range of colours.

Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, we have a roof style to suit your property. Our tiled conservatory roofs are made to fit on both newly built conservatories and as a perfect replacement roof.

Quality Assured

Why Choose ARA Windows and Doors?



We are so confident in our tiled conservatory roofs, they come with a full ten year guarantee, which is included in the price.

Quick Installation

Quick Installation

These roofing systems have been designed with ease of installation in mind. Our aim is to cause as little disruption as possible.



Our tiled conservatory roofs are made bespoke to order. Not only does this allow for a wider range of customisation options, but it ensures security.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Installers across Bicester & Oxfordshire Area

Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices, Bicester

If you’re interested in having one of our tiled conservatory roofs fitted, then use our online quoting engine today. It’s free to use, works on any device and provides accurate pricing for your new conservatory roof.

If you have any queries about our tiled conservatory roofs or replacing your existing roofing system, get in touch with us today.


Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices

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